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Posted by LJ Flooring & Multi Services Inc. June 30th, 2020

Beautiful tile flooring is the perfect addition to your home or business in Charlotte.

At LJ Flooring & Multi Services Inc., we carry and install tile flooring, and we highly recommend this flooring product to home and business owners throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Since tile is highly versatile, it can be made or cut from different materials, including clay and other minerals, and formed in different sizes and shapes. We install several types of tile flooring, including the following:

  • Ceramic tile— Ceramic tile is made from clay. After a design has been painted on its surface, it is covered by a glaze and fired in a kiln. Ceramic is an inexpensive type of tile and one of the most affordable floor coverings.
  • Porcelain tile— Porcelain tile is made of clay, minerals and feldspar, which is a crystal found in rock and melts. During the firing process, the components are melted altogether for a more durable structure. Porcelain is generally more expensive and harder to work with, but it boasts several benefits. For example, it is harder and the same color throughout its body; it is denser, provides less water absorption, and is naturally stain-resistant.
  • Natural stone tile– Natural stone tiles come in a variety of designs and colors, as well as textures and finishes. They are naturally beautiful and timeless. Natural stone tiles are not glazed and often require more maintenance than glazed tiles.

Visit our showroom at LJ Flooring & Multi Services Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina to discover the wide selection of flooring products we sell and install.

Beautiful tile flooring is the perfect addition to your home or business. Contact us today to find out more about our options, installation services, and why we are the right flooring company for your needs.

At LJ Flooring & Multi Services Inc., we can install quality tile flooring in Charlotte, Concord, Davidson, Gastonia, Mooresville, Rock Hill, Kannapolis, Lincolnton, Statesville, and Hickory, North Carolina.

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