You Will Love Having Engineered Hardwood Flooring in All the Areas of Your Home

Did you know that there is another kid on the block when it comes to choosing hardwood flooring? Engineered hardwood flooring is an additional option for flooring that can be installed directly onto the concrete or floated on a pad to give it a little extra cushion. Traditional hardwood has to be installed on a wood base layer (rather than having options) and is also less water resistant than engineered hardwood flooring. If you want to bring the family over to take a look, we have a showroom to specifically discuss your needs and display the options to you.

  traditional hardwood floor is preserved in engineered hardwood flooring

The beauty of a traditional hardwood floor is preserved in engineered hardwood flooring, as it is actually made out of wood, so no two pieces are alike. The main differences between the hardwoods are that the engineered hardwood flooring is already a composite of two layers of wood with a veneer finish. It can be laid down on a variety of surfaces rather than on a wood pre-layer. Engineered hardwood flooring is also not prone to expansion and contraction like regular hardwood floors. It is simply less sensitive to humidity and temperature than regular hardwood. While refinishing is generally not part of the deal, much of the care required for the flooring types and the durability are the same.

With the complexities of managing multiple areas of your home and a multi-family home living style, you will appreciate the installation options, versatility, low-maintenance, and durability of this flooring choice.