Since there are so many different styles of carpet on the market, it might seem to be overwhelming just deciding which one will give you the appearance, longevity, stain resistance, and performance you desire. However, there is one more decision you should also make that can have an impact on the results you enjoy, and that is regarding the padding that will go under the carpet.

The first thing to know is to never reuse the padding from your current carpet. It is just as old as your carpet and won’t be in good enough condition to use going forward. It may look fine, but it is likely full of debris and has become compacted. It may also void the new carpet warranty if you do not have new padding installed. In addition, most carpet flooring dealers have already factored in the price for standard padding, so you may as well have it put in.

If you want to go with something besides standard padding, there will likely be an upgrade fee, but it may be worth it when you consider some of the benefits. Padding comes in various thicknesses, so going with a thicker one will make your carpet feel more luxurious underfoot. This is an ideal option in children’s bedrooms and playrooms to provide added protection for them. Another option is padding that has a moisture block.

Having higher-quality padding is also a great way to preserve your carpet investment. It will extend its life by decreasing the amount of wear it experiences. It is usually a modest charge to upgrade padding and well worth the investment in terms of carpet life and the other benefits.

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