What You Need to Know About Rental Property Flooring [infographic]

As the owner of rental properties, whether they are condos, multi-family apartment buildings, townhomes, or something else, you know that keeping up with maintenance and improvements is important to your overall success. Here at LJ Flooring, we want to share with you a couple of things about rental property flooring – what to look for that works best and why it is important to keep up with trends.

What You Need to Know About Rental Property Flooring [infographic]

What to Look for In Rental Property Flooring

  • Durability- It is often better to spend a bit more on a quality flooring product than it is to replace a budget product over and over again. Tenants are not as careful with flooring as a homeowner would be.
  • Pet Friendly- If you permit pets in your rental units, be sure to choose a type of flooring that stands up to pet issues. One such product is luxury vinyl tile flooring, which is well worth the investment.
  • Neutral- While a fancy style may be something you love personally, it might not be something the majority of tenants would like. Stay with something neutral to appease most families while also considering the latest trends.

Why You Should Keep Up with Trends

  • Retain Tenants- When a tenant loves where they live, they are less likely to move. Great flooring can go a long way to creating content tenants, especially when it continues to hold up well and stay looking nice.
  • Shorten Vacancy Time- Trendy rental property flooring will capture a lot of interest when you are showing vacated units. This means you’ll rent your units more quickly, reducing the amount of time they are not producing an income for you.
  • Shows You Care- Tenants don’t just look for beautiful units. They also consider how well they will get along with their landlord. When they see you are keeping up with trends and putting attention into the units, they will expect you will be attentive to their maintenance requests too.