Top Ten Traits You’ll Love in
New Tile Flooring

Here are the top ten traits you’ll almost certainly love in your new tile flooring from LJ Flooring & Multi Services Inc.:
 Refinishing of tile flooring

  1. Color Selection – Tile flooring is known as one of the most versatile flooring materials as far as color selection, which tends to drift from a handful of options to another unmatching handful of options for nearly every other building material available.
  2. Style and Shape – Tile is also versatile because it comes in a variety of textures and shapes and can be used to make subtle or highly contrasting patterns to match almost any style.
  3. Durability – Most tile will last for up to the duration of your home while other types of hard flooring will wear out and need refinishing roughly every decade.
  4. Easy Replacement – If you plan up front, extra tiles can be purchased in advance to replace only the few tiles that may break over the years. (This is more of a problem if tile is applied directly onto something like concrete where the tile will follow the cracks.)
  5. Virtually Stain-Proof – It is almost impossible to stain tile. Spills wipe up easily, and most stains can be removed from grout through traditional steam cleaning.
  6. Universality of Use – Tile is an accepted flooring in almost any room of a home. That’s a huge advantage when it comes to maintenance, long-term enjoyment, and choosing flooring types for various areas of your home that you will like and want to keep long-term, and so will the next guy.
  7. Heated Flooring – Underneath tile, electric heating elements can be installed during the initial installation process for the tile flooring. Tiles radiate heat evenly and stay warm for a time even when the floor heating is turned back off. So nice!
  8. Low-Maintenance – Refinishing of tile flooring is not a thing. Generally, grout will be more prone to crack and need a little repair now and then. And stains are also not an issue, remember?
  9. Can Mix and Match Almost Anything – Tile incorporates a lot of colors, and variegated patterns or themes are also common, making it easy to redo your décor with a whole new look that still matches your home.
  10. Flashy Forever – Tile flooring also maintains a youthful look, making it a show-stopper for the long haul.