Tile Flooring Installation

Becoming an expert with tile flooring installation is not something that happens quickly. This skill must be learned from a professional and then done over and over again to get really good at it. Practice is essential, but you’d rather the one you trust your new floor to isn’t getting their practice in your home. Reputable flooring companies hire experienced installers, but here are a few things you can watch for to have confidence it is going well.

  • Preparation – A quality tile flooring installation professional with take the necessary time preparing the room. They will carefully move any furniture and take precautions to keep debris from creating a mess of your home. From there they will prepare the existing floor. That may entail removing the current flooring and correcting any problems with the subfloor. Nearly every failed tile floor can be traced back to improper preparation, so this step must be done properly if you are to have lasting results.
  • Starting the Tiling – In order to get the most professional result, tiling is begun in the center. This takes experience to do right and properly square the room. If you see the tiling is beginning at one side or a corner, you have cause for concern and should ask to speak with the supervisor or owner. You should also watch the first few tiles to see how well they are being placed. Look for them to be level and the grout lines to be consistent. They won’t be filled with grout until later, but you should be able to tell if the width is what you expect and they are straight.

It is neither advisable nor necessary to supervise past this point, as you’ll be in the way and could distract them enough that the results won’t be what they could have been. It is fine to check in now and then, but once you see all is going well, leave them to finish without hovering over them.

When you use our tile flooring installation team at LJ Flooring, we welcome you to observe until you are comfortable with our skill level. We also want you to know that we back our workmanship with a one-year limited warranty, so if you do find a tile that isn’t set properly, just call us, and we’ll come back out to fix it at no charge to you.