When you are considering tile for your home improvement project, you need to go beyond what the tile looks like and consider the composition, as well. There are differences between ceramic and porcelain tile that you should be aware of when shopping for the tile for your home. A flooring company will be your best source of information, but having a basic understanding of the types of tile available will help you when you discuss your project with them.

Ceramic Tile

Pros:      Generally, you’ll find that ceramic tile is the least expensive option. It is also easy to cut and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. The good news is that some are made quite well and can be nearly as good as a budget porcelain tile.

Cons:     The PEI rating of ceramic is lower, and thus it won’t be able to stand up to heavy foot traffic. It cannot be used outdoors. The color is only on the surface, so when it chips, you see a different color underneath, which is very noticeable. It is more porous than porcelain tile, so can hold dirt and germs.

Porcelain Tile

Pros:      The higher PEI rating of porcelain tile makes it ideal for heavy-traffic areas, and some types are rated for outdoor applications, as well. The color generally goes all the way through the tile, making chips less noticeable. It is more durable overall, so it will last longer, as it is less susceptible to cracking and damage.

Cons:     Porcelain tile is more costly than ceramic tile and can be more difficult to cut, since it is a denser material. There are different qualities of porcelain tile, and a low-quality one can be less durable than a top-quality ceramic tile.

Whichever tile product you go with, be sure your tile installer is using quality thin-set and grout and that they properly prepare the surface, so you get lasting results. When you shop with us at LJ Flooring, our staff will answer all your questions, so you can select the right tile for your project. Our installation team will give you the best results, and we back that with a one-year limited warranty. Stop by our showroom or call with any questions you may have.