Carpet Repair, Charlotte, NC

Let our carpet repair services resolve a problem at your Charlotte home for less than replacing the carpeting completely.

Carpet Repair in Charlotte, North Carolina

While it is true that carpeting doesn’t last forever and needs to be replaced a bit more often than some other types of flooring, it may interest you to know that in many cases, carpet repair can extend its life. Here at LJ Flooring, we offer quality services that will help avoid carpet replacement in a number of situations.

If your carpeting is starting to pull away from the wall or is bunching up, our carpet repair professionals can gently stretch it and properly affix it along the wall to make it look new again. It is important to have this done as soon as you notice a problem, so the carpet fibers are not adversely affected by vacuuming and foot traffic because they’ve raveled or worn more on any ridges.

Another carpet repair that is possible is taking care of a hole, tear, or stain that won’t come out. We can often swap out a piece from an unseen area, such as a closet or under furniture, so that you’d never know carpet repair was done. If your carpeting is newer and hasn’t been discontinued by the manufacturer, we can get a replacement piece that way. We can also attempt to match an older product.

If you are thinking that your carpeting is beyond hope, we welcome your call so we can assess the situation and let you know if carpet repair is possible. We have an excellent track record for resolving a multitude of carpet problems, so it might just surprise you that you won’t have to replace the entire room’s carpeting. However, if that does end up being the case, we’re confident we have the style that will suit your needs. Call us today to help you restore the beauty of your Charlotte, North Carolina home with carpet repair or replacement.